Automating and Optimizing Educators' Workflows

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Our Mission

Courseflow is an AI-enabled EdTech suite that consolidates K-12 school districts' operations into a single platform that automates and optimizes educators' workflows.

Our goal is to optimize the education experience to empower its users to grow to their full potential.

Educators deserve a platform that works for them and makes their lives easier. We strive to do just that.

graphic of a teacher being productive
new productive teacher dashboard

AI Powered Widgets

Courseflow is filled with intuitive widgets that are created to streamline educators' time.

Student Insights, Automatically Updating To-do lists, and a Rapid Grading System. To name but a few.

So easy to access, and delightful to use—you'll never be able to go back.

 experiments for administrators to collect data

Administrative Experiments

Courseflow gives administrators useful tools to increase overall performance.

Courseflow is bringing the Scientific Method to school operations. Test hypotheses. Run Experiments.

Don't evaluate your teachers, students, and schools without a playground of data.

workflow automations

Automated Assistance

Courseflow is like having a personal assistant.

It takes the focus off monotonous tasks and puts it back where it should be- in the classroom teaching students.

Graphic of a few screens from Courseflow