The Most Efficient Education Platform Ever Made

Not Just Another Education Tool

Courseflow is beautifully designed. Brilliantly fast. And it integrates your entire workflow as an educator into a single platform with easy to use and advanced features.
Workflow Automations, Nimble Assignment Modification, Student and Parent Messaging, and a Rapid Grading System. To name but a few.
But we're unique. We build every platform from the ground up for each individual school. We use their teachers' and administrators' input to make the best possible product for that particular institution—making its educators brilliant at what they do. 
Designing on a Tablet

Beautifully Designed

If nothing else, Courseflow is the most beautiful LMS ever created. Every pixel of every screen was meticulously crafted by our team. Each user interaction is designed to be easy and gorgeous.


After all, if an educator is going to spend almost half of their workday on Courseflow, it might as well look and feel stunning.  

CF Screens Mockup.jpg

Intelligence and Intuition

But its design is only the beginning. Courseflow is more than just a glorified trapper keeper. Its extraordinary features automate over 50% of your daily workflow. Features such as Automated Actions, Self-Updating To-Do Lists, Intelligent Reminders, and AI-Powered Grading. 

Courseflow knows what you need to get done and helps you make it happen in a fraction of the clicks. It's like having a personal assistant. 


Powerful Tools

Nevertheless, we know everything can't be automated. But that doesn't mean that what you do have to get done yourself has to be difficult. We have powerful tools to help optimize what we can't automate. Tools such as Nimble Course Content Modification, Student and Parent Messaging, and a Rapid Grading System. 

What's more, our one-of-a-kind toolbox eliminates the need for outside platformsmaking Courseflow a One-Stop-Shop platform for our educators. 

Smart Tablet

Personalized Support

Our clients are our partners. And therefore, we build legitimate relationships with them. We're plugged into the needs of every school or district we build a platform for.

Each person using Courseflow gets our teams' phone numbers and emails. And if there's an issue, or if you'd like to add/change a feature, we'll personally get back to you within an hour.

Rocket Launch

Our Process

With that in mind, we take the addition of a customer seriously. It's important to make sure we're the right fit for your school. And equally important to ensure that you're the right fit for us.

That's why we sit down with a school's decision makers and teachers  before we take them on as clients. We figure out what makes your institution run and where there are problems in your educators' workflows. This way, we can ensure that we can build a specific and efficient platform to run your institution.

Think we could be a great match? Enter your info and we'll shoot you an email.

Built With Teacher Input

We've talked to hundreds of teachers. And we want to talk to thousands more. Want to be one of them? Let us know what you'd like out of an LMS.