Luke Wiseman
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Luke handles business operations and product strategy. He also personally maintains all relationships with school districts and teachers.

Riley Doty
Chief Design Officer

As CDO, Riley handles all design elements of Courseflow from its interface to the product design overall. She also designs new product features.

Jackson Walker
Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Jackson handles the development of Courseflow's front and back end elements. He also makes sure that our technologies run smoothly for all of our customers.


John Barker

John Barker currently serves as Deputy Superintendent for Strategic Operations & Finance for Shelby County Schools in Memphis, TN. He is an active board member for Courseflow.

Lyle Beasley

Lyle Beasley is a managing partner at West End Holdings in Nashville, TN. He serves as the Chairman of Courseflow's board.

William Orgel

William "Billy" Orgel is president/CEO of Tower Ventures in Memphis, TN. He sits on the board of education for Shelby County Schools. He is an active board member for Courseflow.

Carla Balch

Carla Balch is CEO/Founder of Spesana, a healthcare technology company in Memphis, TN. She is an active board member for Courseflow.