LMS Features

Courseflow LMS

Coming Soon is Courseflow, our Learning Management System. It is the most productive Learning Management System ever created. Courseflow saves you over 2 hours of monotonous online work every day by:

1. Automating as much of your workflow as possible

2. Optimizing the number of clicks and the amount of time it takes to complete tasks

3. Proactively presenting relevant information in quick and understandable methodsIt truly feels like you have a personal assistant working for you.

In addition, it contains all of the tools and features found in a conventional Learning Management System, but uses its artificially intelligent engine to maximize their efficiency.

Traditionally, educators have had to use unintelligent platforms that are essentially online folder keepers. Courseflow is a fast, intuitive, and intelligent. Instead of fighting against an online trapper keeper that frequently wastes your time, starting using a platform that works with you and for you. Take a look at our Vision, to see the exciting education technologies ahead!

new productive teacher dashboard

AI Powered Widgets

Nothing on the platform takes more than a few clicks to do. Courseflow is run by intuitive widgets created to streamline educators' time and effort.

Widgets like Student Insights, Automatically Updating To-do lists, and a Rapid Grading System. To name but a few.

So easy to access and so delightful to use—you'll never be able to go back.

workflow automations

Automated Assistance

Courseflow automates as much of your day-to-day workflow as possible—saving you from hours of monotonous work.

It's like having a personal assistant to do your online chores.

That way, you can spend the majority of your time and energy on what really matters—your students.

 experiments for administrators to collect data

Administrative Experiments

Courseflow is bringing the Scientific Method to school operations. Test hypotheses. Run Experiments. Evaluate the Results.

Courseflow gives administrators advanced and practical tools to increase overall performance and get personalized statistics about their students.

Don't evaluate your teachers, students, and schools without a playground of data.