LMS Features

An AI-Powered LMS

As you can imagine, building and All-in-One Education Platform has taken—and will continue to take—a lot of time, engineering power, and educator input. So, we had to start somewhere. And we decided to start by developing the most productive Learning Management System ever created.

Courseflow's LMS saves you over 2 hours of monotonous online work every day by

1. Automating as much of your workflow as possible

2. Optimizing the number of clicks and the amount of time it takes to complete tasks

3. Proactively presenting relevant information in quick and understandable methods

It truly feels like you have a personal assistant working for you.

In addition, it contains all of the tools and features found in a conventional Learning Management System, but uses its artificially intelligent engine to maximize their efficiency. Traditionally, educators have had to use unintelligent platforms that are essentially online folder keepers. Courseflow's LMS is a fast, intuitive, and intelligent. Instead of fighting against an online trapper keeper that frequently wastes your time, starting using a platform that works with you and for you.

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And we aren't stopping here. Take a look at our Vision, to see the exciting education technologies ahead!

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